Why psychotherapy works against depression and anxiety

It is true that the word "therapy" scares many people. Given the assumption that we as humans are generally self-sufficient, it is understood that humans have the innate ability to recover and change themselves when in the midst of a crisis. However, as social beings, it is also our natural inclination to hold on to others for help, especially when our problems seem too much to us.

Personal conflicts such as depression and anxiety are common and their triggers are varied and plentiful. They say that the winter months cause depression, but there are reasons beyond our control that can contribute to our feelings of mental imbalance. Loss of work, loss of a loved one, death of a pet, life dissatisfaction in general are just some of the many reasons people feel depressed. If you find yourself in the midst of this downward spiral, it is better to seek help from a psychotherapist. How does psychotherapy work and why does it work in the first place?

People can solve their own problems

Psychotherapy is probably the best tool to help depressed and anxious people. In psychotherapy, therapists help their clients overcome their destructive behavior by facilitating a process of identifying and assessing problems. This is why psychotherapy takes a long time to work. There are a number of questions and answers. After all, as with all therapy, there is a process that suits a person's leadership and management ability. In addition to facilitating the process of identifying and distinguishing problems, therapists provide their clients with the tools they need to overcome their destructive behavior. These tools include positive thought patterns, effective coping mechanisms, and better problem-solving skills. All of this is rooted in the fact that psychotherapists believe in the process of self-determination, which basically states that humans have the inherent capacity and motivation for self-improvement, growth, and change.

Talking in yourself is therapeutic

One of the reasons people take time to be depressed, anxious and too consumed by their personal conflicts is that these destructive feelings are suppressed in them. Talking is therapeutic as it is a form of liberation. Psychologie Rheine is also essentially cathartic, and this is illustrated in the way it allows clients to freely express what they feel inside and feel easier, mentally and psychologically, in the process. There is even a branch of psychotherapy called cathartic psychotherapy where laughter is treated as a cure for depressed and anxious clients. At the end of the day, what depressed and anxious people need is someone to talk to; A psychotherapist meets this need and more.

Therapy that has long-term benefits.

Medicine is a cure that is sought by many depressed and anxious people. However, when prescription drugs are the only course of action for the customer, the benefits are of the very short term. In addition, dependence on the prescribed medication in cases where depressive or anxious behavior persists can lead to another set of problems. With psychotherapy, long-term healing benefits are guaranteed. After all, negotiating to achieve good mental health is not really.

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